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Our software development team tailor solutions to improve your business performance.

Web Design

Our services include web site development & design, eCommerce web sites, hosting, web site maintenance. 


Network security is our primary focus at iBox-Security we offer services both to the general public and organisations.

Where We Specialise

Web Design

Our services include web site development & design, ecommerce web sites, Windows/Linux hosting, web site maintenance contracts.

Forensic / Network Security

We offer computer forensics, bug sweeping, penetration testing, secure remote backup, training and consulting. To the public and corporations.

Bespoke Applications

Our software development team develop software solutions that aim to improve your business performance and efficiency.


iBox Security have been involved in consulting in the areas of general IT knowledge since we opened our doors.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance helps to keep your company’s website error free and always up to date.


We help keep your web site in the top search engine results, which opens your site to a wider audience


Who We Are?

Here at iBox Security, we take pride in our work and have always been dedicated to providing our clients with the best and most reliable solutions. Whether your needs are software/website development, or even network security our staff at iBox have the skills and tools to help you realise your visions and bring them to life.Based in Derby (Derbyshire), a city known for nearly 300 years as a technological hotspot, and often referred to as ‘The U.K’s capital for innovation’ our head office is based right in the heart of the city.

We work with any size business, from sole traders to multi-national corporations because we tailor our solutions to suit our clients needs. So if you have a project in mind or you wish to simply discuss how best to move forward with people in touch with the global market, give us a call.

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